Amour de Bébé

My sister has always loved the French and Italian cultures. Ever since I can remember she’s been studying both languages and immersing herself in anything she could get her hands on. She studied and majored in both languages in college and is currently teaching languages at a high school in Brooklyn, We used to joke that she was born in the wrong country. So when I found out that she was pregnant, after I stopped screaming in joy and my heart rate came back down to normal, i knew right away what the theme for her baby shower would be.

A french themed shower titled: Amour de Bébé

Since it was tough for me to oversee the design of the party and do all the photography, I decided to delegate the photography to my talented sister-in-law.  The pictures came out great as I knew they would and they were edited by me… 🙂

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The name was inspired by the Invitations and some party decor I found on Etsy in the beautiful shop of IcingDesign (unfortunately they have closed since then). I was also very lucky to find a flower wholesale distributor 15 min away from my house from where i was able to obtain the beautiful flowers which combined with clear glass vases from Ikea (which i spray painted white) came together as beautiful centerpieces at a fraction of the cost i would have paid otherwise.

Photography: Nertila Ujkaj

Flowers and Decor: Created by yours truly

Invitations: Icing Designs

Accent pieces: Michaels

Cake: Dortoni Bakery

French Macaroons: La Maison du Chocolat

Succulents: The Succulent Source

Table Runners: (made me me)

Eiffel Tower Jewelry Stand: It’s all about Paris

Vases: West Elm & IKEA

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    • Thank you they were taken by my sister-in-law though and edited by me… 😊

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